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Dear Readers,


Today we celebrate the blog's third anniversary. Having reached an average of 30 daily hits, I keep an eye on the stats to get a sense of what my visitors are looking for. Most visitors from Portugal seem to be looking for people, places and curiosities from the past, some of which are half forgotten but still deserving of an extra fifteen minutes. After all, there’s not such a great deal of Portuguese material on the web.


Many visitors, and perhaps the majority of those who come from abroad, reach Retrovisor via a google search. Some reach it via a few other blogs, which I take this opportunity to thank. I’m also proud to announce that Retrovisor was recently nominated for a “Versatile Blogger Award" (details here). My sponsor describes it as “a blog which has morphed from an antique photo blog into a collection of literary quotes from different sources”. As for me, I see it as a “cabinet de curiosités”. I strive to keep it versatile within the remit of its main themes, which are visible in the tag cloud on your right.


Thank you for your visit!




Image:  Cabinet de curiosités  here



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De Maria João a 15 de Novembro de 2011 às 21:03
Parabéns! Três anos já! Eu venho cá quase todos os dias e sempre gosto do que vejo. Continua!

De david a 15 de Novembro de 2011 às 21:54

De Margarida Monteiro Grillo a 16 de Novembro de 2011 às 19:27
Parabéns, Vera! Pelo blog, pela nomeação e por nos fazeres voltar sempre...
Abraço, Margarida

De Michelle a 18 de Novembro de 2011 às 14:30
Happy birthday to this excellent blog - and may there be many more!

It was nice to see you, however fleetingly, the other day. Maybe we should arrange to share a cup of coffee between bloggers some time...?

De helena cardoso a 20 de Novembro de 2011 às 16:49
Parabéns, Vera! Deixei há dias no meu mural do FB uma nota sobre este prémio. Bjs

De packard a 21 de Novembro de 2011 às 11:05
Três anos?! Parabéns!

De Ana Vidigal a 22 de Novembro de 2011 às 23:54
Eu às vezes atraso-me...mas acabo sempre por passar! Parabéns querida Vera!

De rosa a 23 de Novembro de 2011 às 09:40
Parabéns pelo blog-aniversário!! Eu continuo a gostar muito de cá vir!! :)

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