Voiture baignoire, 1876 (29 Juillet après-midi) 


James Ensor (1860-1949)

imagem:© SABAM Belgium 2011



James Sidney Ensor (Ostend, 13 April 1860-19 November 1949) was the son of an English father and a Belgian mother. The family operated a souvenir and curiosity shop in Ostend and boarded rooms out to summer guests. [...] His seascapes, still lifes, naturalistic figure pieces and tableaux from the life of the young, modern bourgeois woman, such as the celebrated The Oyster-eater from 1882, unquestionably belong to the major works of the European Realism and plein air movements.


Ensor aqui 



Mais sobre estas barracas de praia  - "bathing machines"  aqui 



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