Nagasaki Kunchi Festival (2011)



The Kunchi festival of Nagasaki was first celebrated in 1634.The festival was originally part of the bakufu policy to forge a Yamato spirit for Nagasaki, which up to 1614 had been Japan's only Christian town. The Kunchi festival started out as an anti-Christian festival, in which the anti-Christian forces in Nagasaki - the bakufu, Shinto, Buddhism and the brothel wards - all joined hands to provide an alternative to the famous Easter processions, which had been performed throughout the city during the Christian period (1570-1614).

After a devastating fire in 1857, Nagasaki Kunchi became a "new" festival in which the participating neighborhoods were free to innovate and to compete with each other in creating opulent and eye-catching performances. The result is the stunning array of presentations we see today, many of which reflect the international color and unique history of Nagasaki.





Suwa shrine (main location) Iwaibune ("celebration ship"). 



Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 2011




Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 2011






Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 2011

The dragon, Kokkodesho?


Captions: from text by Reinier Hesselink here



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