páginas de um álbum de fotografias,

Brasil, finais do século XIX.


 Through photographs, each family constructs a portrait-chronicle of itself – a portable kit of images that bears witness to its connectedness. (...) Photography becomes a rite of family life just when, in the industrializing countries of Europe and America, the very institution of the family starts undergoing radical surgery. As that claustrophobic unit, the nuclear family, was being carved out of a much larger family aggregate, photography came along to memorialize, to restate symbolically, the imperiled continuity and vanishing extendedness of family life. Those ghostly traces, photographs, supply the token presence of the dispersed relatives. A family’s photograph album is generally about the extended family — and, often, is all that remains of it.



Susan Sontag 

in On Photography, 1973



Leia outra citação da mesma obra aqui e mais sobre o meu álbum de família aqui


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